GAP initiatives are underpinned by a process we call the “Second Track”. It streamlines previously ad-hoc mechanisms for stakeholder engagement in government consultation and decision making.

A “Second Track” Process brings together creative thinkers from relevant sectors (government, business, academia, non-government organisations and consumer groups) with a likeminded approach to resolving the issues positively and driving practical outcomes. Working collaboratively, these groups identify problems, initiate discussions, prepare white papers, develop solutions and oversee their implementation.

GAP has pioneered and effectively used the “Second Track” Process in areas of knowledge capital, participative democracy, telecommunications regulation, urban water pricing, low carbon economy, social investment, health policy, evidence-based medicine and pharmacogenomics. Our current “Second Track” projects include task forces in complex project management, open media, innovation, public policy, economic growth and social progress, cyber security, cloud computing, electronic health and tertiary music education.

The success of GAP initiatives demonstrates that these new ways of interaction between government, business and the community can be further developed, tested and refined for the public benefit, without putting at risk the core, fundamental machinery of government.

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