The Nobel Prize Dialogue Sydney 2023 Virtual Event is a partnership between Nobel Prize Outreach and Sydney-based institute Global Access Partners. It is an invitation-only forum for a diverse, multidisciplinary group of thought leaders and creative thinkers, including Nobel Laureates, youth and senior representatives from government, industry and academia. This is a facilitated discussion where all participants consider key issues and may propose solutions which will then be developed and implemented through a year-long GAP Second Track process.

The Future of Decision Making:
‘From Personal Choice to Planetary Impact’

The unprecedented challenges the world faces today demand cooperation on a global scale, but our decision-making systems were not designed to deal with such complexity. Understanding and improving the way we make decisions – as individuals, as corporations, as nations and collectively as a species – will help us address pressing global issues more effectively.

The Nobel Prize Dialogue Sydney 2023 Virtual Event was held online on Friday, 16 June AEST (check local times here). The Chatham House discussion followed a parliamentary model, encouraging all participants to share their views.

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Participation in the Virtual Event was by invitation only.

For more information, please contact Olga Bodrova on +61 408 024 712 or via email