Improving meaningful access to decision makers is a key step towards re-engaging citizens in the democratic process. By inviting people to actively participate in policy development, decision makers can derive better outcomes for society, government and business and ultimately contribute to a more participative and well-rounded society governed by the ideas and needs of its citizens. GAP is an experienced facilitator of online community consultations. Through Open Forum, we have collaborated with Australian federal and state governments on projects such as AGIMO’s Online Consultation in 2007, National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2008-2011, National Human Rights Online Consultation in 2009, National Regulatory Reform Survey in 2011 and Strata Laws Online Consultation in 2012.


Open Forum is a well-established public policy discussion and blogging platform with an extensive community network, uniquely positioned to attract the target audience and informed contributions. It unites Australia’s most prominent politicians, business people, academics, social commentators and private citizens in lively online debate.

Building on its experience in hosting online government consultations and promoting debates around particular areas of interest, Open Forum works with agencies across the whole of government to increase the level of citizen participation in the formation of public policy.

FIRST 5000

Open Forum’s sister publication, First 5000, was officially launched on 20 October 2010 at NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

First 5000 is an invitation-only business alliance that connects senior executives from the top-performing medium-sized enterprises in Australia.

The three key objectives of First 5000 are to offer general business support and networking opportunities for leading Australian medium-sized businesses, provide strong business-to-business connections between major enterprises and medium business and establish intellectual leadership and influence on mid-market issues.

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