On 23 September 2022, GAP is hosting its 13th Annual Vision for Australia Summit.

GAP Summits have become an important feature of Australia’s policy landscape. These high-level, invitation-only annual gatherings are known for their unique format and networking opportunities, and a strong focus on economic activity and practical results. Usually held in a Legislative Assembly Chamber of a host State Parliament, GAP Summits have made a successful transition online over the past three years, broadening their reach and facilitating global dialogue across time zones.

The theme chosen for the 2022 virtual session is Shared Identity. The focus in the Pacific is shifting from development to security. Our region needs new kinds of alliances that reflect the shared values of international partners. The concept of shared identity will be discussed in the context of global cooperation, economic integration and policy development.

The Summit will bring together members of GAP’s global network – prominent figures and thought leaders from business, government, academia and the not-for-profit sector. The Chatham House debate will follow a parliamentary model, encouraging all participants to share their views.

Discussions will build on the work of various GAP taskforces and advisories. Participants will benefit from access to these insights as well as involvement in the delivery of projects arising from the day’s deliberations.

The Summit’s recommendations will inform a plan of action for the coming year which members of the GAP network will progress.

Participation is by invitation only and is not transferable. For more information, please call Olga Bodrova on +61 408 024 712 or